Shockwatch ShockDot are a cost-effective solution for detecting the mishandling of products and packages during shipment. Handlers are alerted that a package is being monitored and therefore, requires extra care reducing the incidence of damage related costs. ShockDot indicators turn red when a potentially damaging impact occurs.

Shockwatch ShockDot indicators are a simple solution for identifying shipments that may be damaged and driving accountability in the supply chain

These impact indicators are a proven visual deterrent to improper handling and reduce the incidence of damage by up to 60%

Shockwatch ShockDot impact indicators are omni-directional impact indicators

Always Active: provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
Range of Sensitivity: 25G – 100G
Size: 9.5cms edge to edge.
Confirms effectiveness of packaging of delicate products
QR Coded and Serialized for Traceability: To verify authenticity of the ShockDot scan the QR code and enter the Serial Number

Key Specifications
Sensitivity range 25 – 100G
Impact duration 0.5 – 50ms
Tolerance ±15% at 20°C / 68°F, 1 ATM
Operating temperature -25°C to 80°C / -13°F to 176°F
Security Tamperproof, Serialized and QR code
Adhesive Acrylic Product life 2 years from date of sale, when stored at 20°C / 68°F, 1 ATM Storage recommendations 20°C / 68°F, 1 ATM, 0-99% RH Non-condensing
Weight (varies by sensitivity) 1.98g
Dimensions 3.8 in x 3.8 in / 96.52 mm x 96.52 m

Selection Guide

Available in five sensitivities, as indicated by the five different colours – simply match the sensitivity of the ShockDot impact indicator to the level of impact the product and packaging can withstand based on any non-operating shock specifications that the product may have or select the Shockwatch ShockDot impact indicator based on the mass and size of your shipment from our Selection Guide.

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