ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicators

ShockWatch® 2 impact indicators are single-use, go/no-go devices that determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamperproof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred. Each ShockWatch® 2 has a unique identifier to support traceability

Shockwatch 2 is a bi-directional vertical response impact indicator.

ShockWatch 2 impact indicators deter mishandling and reduce damage-related costs by indicating if products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit. Best for larger, heavier products,  Shockwatch 2 is a bi-directional vertical response impact indicator.

Selection Guide

Selecting the most suitable Shockwatch 2 impact indicators

Available in seven sensitivities, as indicated by the seven different colours – simply match the sensitivity of the ShockWatch 2 to the level of impact the product and packaging can withstand based on any non-operating shock specifications that the product may have or select a Shockwatch 2 based on the mass and size of your shipment.


Operating Temperature: -25°C to 80°C

Size: 42.93 x 42.93 x 6.35 mm

Sensitivity: 5G to 75G

Guaranteed Activation: +/-15% of nominal value

Security: Tamper Proof, Serialized (OCR Format)

Responsiveness: Responds to single impact

Duration: Ranges 0.5 to 50 ms

Adhesive: Acrylic

Shelf Life: 2 years when stored at standard temperature and pressure (20°C / 68° F, 1 ATM)


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