The ShockLog 208 impact recorder is designed for a wide range of applications that don’t call for detailed event information. This versatile impact sensing solutions also offers optional environmental recording capability, monitoring your products in transit – as well as longterm storage

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Cost-effective impact sensing solutions for safer product shipping

ShockLog 208 is the base model in the ShockWatch® series of impact recorders, which includes ShockLog248 and ShockLog 298 impact recorders.

Available in 10G, 30G, and 100G impact sensor settings, ShockLog 208 monitors impact acceleration and temperature, provides peak value (time slot) and summary period journey profile data.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

ShockLog 208 delivers a visual alert that your asset has encountered impact events that might affect its performance or safety, enabling immediate inspection and remediation before delivery to your customer, at the time shipment is received or before installation in the field.

Optimize Supply Chain Integrity & Performance

ShockLog 208 impact recorder helps detect supply chain breaches and mishandling during shipping, enabling you to assign accountability and take corrective action.

Expandable Capability For Added Asset Protection

Extend the value of your ShockLog impact recorder by providing more intelligence about conditions affecting your assets in transit.

  • Humidity / Temperature Sensor extends the ShockLog 208 recorder capability to monitor and record external temperature and humidity.

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