Impact Indicators

Why should I use an impact indicator?
Impact indicators alert handlers that a shipment must be handled with care. Alerting handlers that a package is being monitored drives improved handling behaviour.

Are Shockwatch impact indicators re-settable?
ShockWatch offers single use indicators (label, Flex, Clips, ShockWatch 2 and tubes) that are tamper-proof and cannot be reset. The MAG 2000 is a reusable impace indicator that can be reset with a special key.

What is a companion label?
Companion labels draw additional attention to a shipment and alert handlers that special handling is required. The more obvious it is to handlers that special care must be used, the more likely a package will arrive unharmed.

Impact Indicators

I received a shipment with an impact indicator on it. The indicator is RED, what should I do?
If the indicator is red, some level of mishandling occurred during transport. An activated indicator does not mean that the product has been damaged. Do not reuse the shipment from the carrier. Note the activation on the bill of lading, inspect the shipment immediately and contact the sender for any additional instructions.

Why do you mount impact indicators on the edge of the shipping container instead of in the middle?
Impact indicators on mounted on the edge of containers because that is the part of the container that is most structurally sound. If the impact indicator is mounted in the middle of a box, the box acts as a shock absorber. The middle of the box flexes with an impact and that results in some of the impact being absorbed by the box.

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