Impact Indicators & Tilt Sensors from ShockWatch

Shockwatch helps to ensure quality assurance right to your customer’s door!

Shockwatch protects product warranty positions, monitors and positively influences carrier behaviour when your goods are in transit, and eliminates the possibility of concealed damage to your products by utilising our impact indicator and tilt sensor technology.

Shockwatch Labels

These innovative, proprietary ShockWatch devices contain a tube filled with red liquid held in suspension.

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Shockwatch Clips

ShockWatch impact indicator clips are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices that turn bright red to indicate mishandling.

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The TiltWatch and the TiltWatch Plus are reliable and economical solutions to prevent damage to goods in transit.

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Origins of Shockwatch sensors

A gentleman of the name Ray Ruby was driving home one day when it started to rain. The globules of water built up on his windscreen. When he braked at the traffic lights the globules of water broke and ran down his windscreen. This was the moment that Ray had the idea to use this experience to create a product that would solve a damage problem in the computer industry. Ray realized that the principle of surface tension was at work when the globule of water on his windscreen broke. Ray translated this in the laboratory into the Shockwatch tube which was embedded in a plastic plate that fitted inside the large removable computer hard disk memories in the 1980’s and 90’s.

As disk storage devices of that type were discontinued, the Shockwatch devices began usage in the packaging of delicate product. has been at the forefront of the development of the uses of shock and tilt sensors in the constant battle against concealed damage in transit. New iterations of the product have been introduced over time fulfilling the need for robust damage control solutions.

Our Products

Discover our leading ShockWatch indicators today, which guarantee damage reduction and oversight during the supply of products. Our impact indicators provide a visual deterrent to any mishandling of goods. The ShockWatch devices, built with the best available technology, can record impact once a certain G-level is exceeded. This technology only allows the recording of the specific effects that lead to mishandling and not the normal movement of products. The devices – labels, clips, and tubes – can either be incorporated during manufacture or in the product design and packaging


ShockWatch Clips

Clips are tamperproof devices which are activated mechanically and indicate any mishandling by turning bright red. Like the Labels, the clips also come in different sensitivities and sizes. This impact indicator can be mounted on the product to examine its conditions even outside the original packaging. The ShockWatch clips can only be used on products not exceeding 500 cubic feet and roughly 10,000 pounds.


ShockWatch Tubes

Designed for use where space is limited, each tube simply needs to be embedded to be ready for delivery. The tubes vary according to the impact amplitude – heavier products are more likely to be damaged by lower G amplitudes, while lighter products experience greater amplitude damage.


ShockWatch Labels

Being fully mechanical, this impact indicator is activated when the predetermined maximum impact level is crossed. The labels come in five different colours where each colour matches a certain level of impact that a particular product can withstand.

Why choose ShockWatch products?

Our products use innovative technology to effectively influence the behaviour of handlers during the manufacturing and shipping processes. They also aid in ensuring product integrity upon delivery. Each of our impact indicators comes with caution tape, an alert sticker, and a companion label, which notifies the customers that there is an indicator in use and provides a guide on what to do in the case of any mishandling. These accessories ensure faster resolution to damage claims and thus compensations if needed.

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