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Datalogging Solutions

Monitor and record impact, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and tilt and roll for products in transit or storage.

ShockWatch® ShockLog Impact & Environmental Recorders continually monitor and report the impact, vibration, and environmental conditions products are exposed to during transit, storage, and operation.


  • Record direction, amplitude, and duration of impact forces
  • Optional sensors record changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, tilt and roll.
  • New GPS / GPRS tracking module pinpoints the location of mishandling or exposure to unfavourable conditions.
  • New RF radio module available to allow transmission and reception of data to an RF base station attached to a PC.

Shocklog Products

ShockLog 298 records the date and time of up to 870 shock and 260k time slots. Sensors record direction, amplitude, and duration of impact force. Option for firmware upgrade that enables vibration (gRMS), internal temperature and humidity. Add-on options for temperature, pressure and humidity sensors.



ShockLog 248 records the date and time of up to 15 shock events, and 260k time slots. Sensors record max peaks X, Y, and Z and internal temperature. Optional integration of temperature and humidity sensor available.



ShockLog 208 time slot monitor records up to 262,000 time slots and can be integrated with recording capability for temperature, humidity and dew point. 



ShockWatch g-View™ provides an accurate record of the date and times at which the user-defined G-force limit is exceeded on the X, Y, and Z axes. Designed at an affordable price point, the device has the capacity to record data for 100 events per axis.


Shocklog Accessories

eTrak: The eTrak tracking module works with ShockLog 298 or RD298 to deliver real-time event messages and prescheduled status updates, both via e-mail. The companion software stores messages in a searchable database for analysis and reporting. Solar-powered with battery backup, the module incorporates GPS and quad-band GSM / GPRS technologies. Reports include the date, time, and number of events since the last report, along with GPS coordinates and Google Maps hyperlinks for seamless viewing of message locations.  

RF Base: Benefit from ShockLog data even when monitoring hard-to-reach locations. ShockLog RF Base allows users to transmit data from up to a mile away. Ideal for monitoring stationary structures or equipment.


HPT Environmental Sensor: The Environmental Sensor measures temperature, humidity, and pressure. Data are recorded in time slots for easy analysis. 

Shocklog Product Feature Comparison

Innovative Software for Reliable Data and Analysis

Comprehensive Windows-based software provides a simple user interface for communicating with the ShockLog device. Robust procedures for setup and data download allow for quick deployment and easy data analysis.

Full Journey Report

The ShockLog Report View provides an overview of the entire journey in both text and graphic formats. Information delivered includes an event summary, detailed event information, and time slot information. It is possible to zoom in on data of particular interest in order to analyse the information. Data can be exported into packages such as Excel and MatLab for more detailed analysis.

Benefits for a More Profitable Business

ShockWatch Impact Recorders:

  • Helps identify optimal modes of transportation, routes, packaging, storage options, and operational conditions through full-journey profiling
  • Isolates when and where unacceptable conditions occur and aids in the identification of accountable parties
  • Allows for immediate corrective action in cases of potential impact, vibration, temperature, humidity, and pressure extremes
  • Confirms acceptable conditions during equipment operation, shipping and handling, and storage

Impact & Environmental Recorder Applications

  • Offshore oil platforms and equipment
  • Building structures and foundations
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Packaging and vehicles in supply chain
  • Lasers, missiles, and satellites
  • Power Transformers
  • Nuclear materials
  • Biomedical
  • Wind turbines
  • ... and much more 

Handling concerns for power transformers

When you consider a piece of equipment that’s as much as 15-feet tall and weighs 700,000 pounds, moving it even one inch becomes a logistical challenge. There are risks associated with moving them through assembly, high voltage testing, between crane bays, and through doorways.

Our robust portfolio of technology solutions and services for energy and utilities can help you optimize operations to reduce the risk that damage may occur during the transport process. To solve material handling issues for handling windings, transformers, cores or components to transformers, motors, power plants and cables of varying sizes in production.

ShockWatch has a robust portfolio designed specifically for the transportation of large equipment, including power transformers. Customers worldwide use both our low cost impact indicators and feature risk impact recorders for:

  • Verification of heavy haul equipment – Check that rail cars and flatbed trailers are in proper working order and have been adequately maintained.
  • Aiding in Inspection of transformers prior to receipt and installation. Damage may not be obvious through a visual inspection prior to receiving the unit or moving it onto the heavy haul transporter. It is the unseen damage that a data recorder can detect.
  • Aligning chain of custody and inspection logs to see if any severe impacts have occurred to the transformer on the previous mode of transportation. This assures the proper parties have been notified in order that further inspections or actions can be taken.
  • Verification that positive pressure is maintained inside the transformer – Minimize the risk that oil has leaked in the case of a unit shipped oil-filled, or that positive pressure has been maintained in the case of a unit filled with a dry gas for shipping.
  • Assuring proper handling instructions are adhered to on the transformer during transit and install. ShockWatch provides communications and support tools that clearly mark the transformer to increase visibility and assure “handle with care” instructions are maintained.
  • “On-Car” Inspections and Tests – take data readings in transit or at any stopping point along route to make determinations on a course of action.

Biomedical Supplies


The cost of replacing even the most moderately priced MRI coil damaged in shipping can be staggering: the profit loss can exceed the original cost of production and shipping to the customer. And that doesn’t take into account the financial impact on the customer while the equipment is out of service – and the hidden cost of what a dissatisfied customer can do to your reputation. Prevent those situations before they arise by managing your supply chain risks with ShockWatch’s products designed to help you indicate damages during medical equipment shipping.

Clearly, mishandling high-value medical and diagnostic equipment, laboratory instruments, and specialized furniture can be disastrous. So it’s crucial that you have a clear view of your supply chain from the first mile to the last.


Shockwatch helps to:

  • Increase mean time between failures
  • Cut time lost in repairing, refurbishing, or replacing precision products
  • Promote accountability
  • Make shippers aware of the demand for specialized handling
  • Reduce costly packaging re-engineering
  • Optimize processes to enable zero defect equipment
  • Keep customers happy